The museum is home to over 100 live animals, many of them native to California. Most of the animals have been re-homed at the museum from rehabilitation facilities as they are not able to survive in their natural habitat. Visitors are able to view some of the animals in the museum’s wildlife exhibits, while others are presented in classes and tours.

The following are all homed at CuriOdyssey:

  • Mammals - Bobcat, Domestic Ferret, Gray Fox, Guinea Pig, Raccoon, River Otter and Striped Skunk
  • Birds - American kestrel, band-tailed pigeon, barn owl, black-crowned night heron, blue-winged teal, burrowing owl, common raven, golden eagle, great gray owl, great horned owl, greater roadrunner, green heron, green-winged teal, peregrine falcon, Swainson’s hawk, turkey vulture and yellow-billed magpie

  • Reptiles - Bearded dragon, blue-tongued skink, California mountain king snake, desert tortoise, gopher snake, Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, red-eared slider, rubber boa and western pond turtle.

  • Amphibians - California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, rough-skinned newt, and western toad.

  • Invertebrates – Banana slug, Bay area blonde tarantula, black widow spider, darkling beetles, giant vinegaroon, Madagascar hissing cockroach, and rose hair tarantula.