Preservation Plans for Coyote Valley

The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority and the Peninsula Open Space Trust (non-profit environmental group) have worked closely together to formulate the plan to preserve not only the valley itself but also an additional 1000 acres to the north over the next 10 years

Coyote Valley Disasters

California has experienced many disasters over the past century, and given its geographic location and climate there is always a risk of earthquake or fire. While the risk of an earthquake occurring in the Coyote Valley area is lower than in other parts of California it is still a risk that must be taken seriously.

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San Francisco Bay Area: Interesting Facts

Whether you want to call them ‘tall tales’, legends or myths there are many interesting facts about the San Francisco Bay area that simply sound too far-fetched to be true. Urban legends if you will. That is just one of the things about this unique part of California that makes it fun to both read about it and visit.