The hands-on exhibits are all designed and created in-house so are unique to CuriOdyssey, and are designed to encourage visitors to the museum to interact with them by watching, touching, and experimenting with basic scientific wonders so that they can learn in fun, interactive surroundings.

One of the museum’s newest exhibitions is the Nature of Patterns exhibit, in which visitors can gain an understanding of the beautiful, intricate and interesting patterns of nature, and then create their own. Reflections and Perceptions exhibit is designed to get people to explore optical effects and learn about how mirrors can influence what they see. The Forces exhibit focuses on how nature affects everything around us, from gravity that makes things fall to ground to sounds echoing off walls, and encourages visitors to investigate some of the basic forces that exist in nature.

The outdoor pavilion takes the science of nature into the outdoors, into a garden setting, where visitors can take what they learn from the museum’s back yard and further their learning in their own. Things like water flow, how a garden path would look to a giant, and what it looks like when a geodesic dome shines images onto a hand, are all things that can be experienced within the outdoor garden and pavilion.