Welcome To Coyote Valley


Located in the Santa Clara Valley of California, Coyote Valley lies between Morgan Hill in the Santa Clara Valley and San Jose, and covers an area of 7400 acres, most of it farmland. The rich deep soil, moderate year-round climate and plentiful supply of water provide an ideal environment for the growing of nursery crops, field crops, fruit trees and vegetables, while the hills to the west have been used by cattle ranchers to run stock for decades.

The valley is beautiful and peaceful, a perfect playground for nature lovers, with a myriad of outdoor activities to partake in, such as nature walks, trail hikes, picnic spots, biking trails, bird watching opportunities, horseback riding and fishing. The lush creek, surrounding hills and valley are home to a wide variety of wildlife species. The valley provides a passage for animals to move freely between the Diablo Range and the Santa Cruz Mountains.

a map of Coyote Valley

Visitors to the beautiful Coyote Valley can access it via road from the two closest major cities of San Francisco and Fresno. San Francisco is just a short 50 mile drive away (about an hour), and Fresno 150 miles away (2.5 hours). San Jose, the nearest city, has its own airport just minutes away if visitors prefer to fly in to the area and then take a taxicab ride to the valley itself. For those living in San Francisco or Fresno and looking to ‘get away from it all’ Coyote Valley’s close proximity makes it a great place to rest, relax, take in some fresh air, play a round of golf, enjoy nature at its best as well as pick up some of the locally grown produce to take back home with you.

Preservation & Wildlife

While several proposals to develop the valley have been put forward there is resistance to the idea, with many advocating for preserving the area as it is for the future enjoyment of visitors and residents, and for maintaining the ecology of the valley. Many consider the valley the last untouched area of San Jose and want it to remain that way.

The valley is home to a wide variety of birds, with 160 species having been recorded to date, and some 25 rare or special status birds. Animals such as tule elk, puma, coyote, bobcat, gray fox and American badger, along with a number of other large animals, use the valley to make their way between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range. If development were to go ahead the corridor would no longer exist, which in turn would seriously damage the ecology of the valley and surrounding areas. The underpasses and culverts serve as a passage. Motion-sensor cameras have monitored and recorded the activity of these animals as the move through the valley.

The town of Coyote was originally named Burnett but underwent a name change as a result of a large number of coyote sightings by residents. At one point the town was under threat of disappearing due to the rerouting of US 101. The township enjoys a moderate climate due to its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. While the area does enjoy plenty of rain during the winter months the summers are typically dry. Though snow has been recorded it is very rare (once in 20 years) and typically is very light and doesn’t lie on the ground for long.

CuriOddyssey aka Coyote Point Museum

entrance sign curioddyssey museum

Located on Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA the Coyote Point Museum has been renamed as CuriOdyssey, and is a non-profit museum and wild animal zoo in the Coyote Point Recreation Area. It is a place for children to explore science and observe wild animals in a controlled environment that fosters inquisitiveness. Children are encouraged to learn in a way that is fun and informative at the same time.

Popular Destination


If waging a bet or playing the slot machines is one of your favorite things to do then you are in for a treat as the greater Fresno area has a number of great casinos and card rooms for you to enjoy. As Native American casinos are located on Indian-owned land they are rarely very close to a major city so be prepared to travel to reach one. On a good note though, many offer accommodations and dining so you can make it an overnight stay or even a few nights if you really enjoy the area and entertainment on offer.


Coyote Valley offers a lot of things for visitors and locals to do and see. As much of the area consists of ideal farming and growing conditions it is little surprise that Coyote Valley is a good source of fresh fruits, vegetables, and plants. Though many of the crop farms only supply to wholesalers there are others that operate roadside stands that locals and visitors to the area can purchase farm-fresh produce that has been freshly harvested so it maintains its nutritional goodness.


Though the number of Native American tribes remaining in the area has dwindled considerably over the years the San Jose and San Francisco Bay areas were home to several tribes. Like many areas that are inhabited by Native Americans San Jose has a couple of card rooms but for those wanting to enjoy some of the best casinos in California Fresno County is the place to be, with a couple of really nice casinos and a couple of card rooms for those who want a little bit of gambling fun.

A number of family owned and operated farms exist within the valley, growing fruit and vegetable crops to supply local businesses as well as further afield. Plant and flower growers also enjoy the advantages of the rich soil and abundant water supply that makes Coyote Valley productive and the valley is also one of several North American locations of a mushroom farm. A sod lawn growing company provides fine quality sod to the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Sport & Recreation​

The San Francisco Bay area is home to several professional sports teams, as well as many college-level and amateur teams. The moderate climate in California makes sports practice feasible all year round, with winters being very mild in comparison to other states. For the outdoor sportsperson Coyote Valley boasts a two 18-hole golf course that caters to the casual golfer as well as the more experienced golfer who is serious about his/her game. There is also clay and skeet shooting facilities with various options to choose from. If a leisurely bicycle ride is more in line with a visitor’s idea of recreation there are several bike routes that offer spectacular views and open road, all the way up to a 90 mile ride.

Museums & Relaxation​

For locals and visitors to the area that covers the San Francisco Bay area all the way to Fresno in the Southeast there are lots of wonderful museums and parks to explore, enough so that there is something to do and see every day for at least a two week period. The following are some of the attractions this beautiful part of California has to offer: Central Park and Japanese Garden, San Mateo – Located on a 16.3 acre property that was once the Kohl Mansion property, Central Park has been a highlight of many a visit to San Mateo since 1922 when the city took over the property and began developing it into the wonderful attraction it is today.