Coyote Point Museum


The original museum was opened in 1953 under the name of San Mateo County Junior Museum with the aim of teaching children to care for the environment. In 1974 the museum was renamed Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education. In 1981 the main building was opened and featured California habitat dioramas.

In 1991 the wildlife habitats were constructed and opened to the public so that they could see animals in authentic habitats. The museum and zoo continued without further expansion until Rachel Meyer was hired to the position of Executive Director and implemented the science education program for children. Though the dioramas had been a useful tool up until then in 2010 it was decided to retire them.

In 2011 the museum became CuriOdyssey to align with the new expanded mission and by 2012 a plan for repair, renovation and re-designing of the main building was put into effect. The mission was updated in 2013 when science and wildlife education for children became the focus for CuriOdyssey.